21 Cutest Mini Wedding Cakes Ever – MODwedding

http://www.modwedding.com/2015/07/21-cutest-mini-wedding-cakes-ever/ I like saving money on marriage and ask about my best friends mini cakes if you are coming to tie the knot! Unity plaza is beautiful this time of year to get married! Ask me if you are calling to arrange your date!  Yes all I need is 24 hour notice to include mini… Continue reading 21 Cutest Mini Wedding Cakes Ever – MODwedding

Notary News

New 904 Notary Number

​(904) 299-2462 Dedicated notary number text sms at 220 Riverside. Please text or call for notary appointments. Text is best due to call quality on some mobile devices. *Not affiliated with the 220 leasing staff.  (904) 299-2462