No Weddings In the Courthouse 😒 I’m less than a mile away πŸ’πŸ’β›²

Most people don’t know that here in Jacksonville FL Duval County couples are unable to complete their unions for marriage in the courthouse. They are issued a marriage license and told they need to go elsewhere to complete their nuptials and solemnize the marriage.

Notary publics for the State of Florida are qualified to do this and I’m happy to do this and I am pleased to let you know that I am only blocks away from the courthouse downtown.

My weddings have been branded pop-up weddings because I’m open 7 days a week and I cover a one mile radius around the Brooklyn FL area which is on the river and also on Unity Plaza with Skyline views.

So if you just found out text me or book your #popupwedding online and come on over. If you are planning I encourage you to look at some of the cool things you can do here at Unity Plaza especially with the seating outside in our wonderful City Park beautiful Fountain beautiful Sunsets.

Morning’s are wonderful because it’s shady and cool and you have First Watch that is next door and serves wonderful mimosas and wonderful brunch so that makes a really cute wedding and reception.

I know some people just want to come in and do quick “I do’s” and then have ceremonies later… Elopements, I can keep a secret!

I’m not a wedding planner yet though I’m asked to do it everyday I’m happy to help I love doing events but this is more of a DIY on your part but it will save you a lot of money if you’re planning on doing a ceremony.

Pop-up wedding start at $45.

Planned Ceremonies start at $60

Indoor and out door venue. Please see my Google business reviews and photos.


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